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7.04Complementary Medicines Health Supplements Safety and Efficacy Annexures H, K, L for commentV33.206-May-2019383 KB
2.53Investigator Workload in Clinical Trial for commentV102-May-2019100 KB
2.52Section 21 - Access to Unregistered MedicinesV130-Apr-2019147 KB
7.06Complementary Medicines: Guidance on Specified SubstancesV207-Aug-2018102 KB
2.50Medicines and Human Reproduction for commentV102-May-2018286 KB
2.49Capacity Building and Transformation in Clinical Trials Research in South AfricaV110-Mar-201899 KB
2.48Exemptions from certain medicine registration requirements for Human Medicines - for commentV130-Dec-201799 KB
ZACH1.04Application Form: Application for registration of a medical device for commentV123-Aug-2017458 KB
8.08Registration of an IVD medical device technical dossier for commentV123-Aug-20171 MB
MDTD02ZA Medical Device Technical Dossier IVD for commentV123-Aug-2017538 KB
MDTD01ZA Medical Device Technical Dossier non-IVD for commentV123-Aug-2017535 KB
8.09Registration of a Medical Device non-IVD Technical Dossier for commentV123-Aug-20171 MB
16.04Licence to act as a Wholesaler of Medical Devices & IVDsV103-Aug-2017103 KB
8.06Access to & Control of Medical Devices & IVDs for commentV101-Aug-2017692 KB
6.1.aBiological AmendmentsV119-Jun-20171 MB
7.04Complementary Medicines Health Supplements Safety & Efficacy Annexure JV33.130-May-2017408 KB
9.90Proposal to update API names to INNV118-May-201761 KB
9.92Proposal to reschedule albendazoleV118-May-201737 KB
2.46Co-packaging of MedicinesV105-May-201793 KB
7.06Complementary Medicines - Caffeine and MentholV112-Apr-2017100 KB