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37032Amended regulations incl complementary medicinesV115-Nov-2013919 KB
2016Consolidated schedules 2008 to May 2016V120-Aug-2016729 KB
31010Scheduling ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and BZPV125-Apr-200864 KB
1Consolidsation of all amendments made to schedules to the Medicines and Related Substances Act ACT 101 of 1965V11.105-Jul-2019603 KB
101Medicines and Related Substances Act No. 101 of 1965 as amendedV108-Aug-2017511 KB
9 2014Legal Metrology Act, 2014 (Act 9 of 2014)V119-May-2014504 KB
39154GG39154 01-09-2015 Fees payableV101-Sep-20155 MB
37622Amendment to SchedulesV108-May-2014452 KB
34463Amended regulationsV122-Jul-2011413 KB
29752Measurement units and measurement standards actV108-Jul-2015402 KB
1SAHPRA Annual Performance Plan (APP) 2019-2020V11.116-Jul-20194 MB
GGExemption of medical devices and IVDs from the provisions of sections 18A and18 B of Act 101V120-Dec-2018319 KB
2003Regulations to Act 101V101-Jan-2003314 KB
36412Call-up notice Red Vine LeafV125-Apr-2013277 KB
101Medicines and Related Substances Act 101, 1965V114-Jul-1965270 KB
40637Licensing of Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors, WholesalersV124-Feb-201726 KB
GG41871Fees for comment 31 Aug 2018V131-Aug-2018258 KB
34693Amended regulations - Extension of comment periodV126-Oct-201124 KB
38675Appointment of MCCV108-Jul-2015237 KB
40637Rescinding of 2002 call-up notice for CAMsV124-Feb-2017236 KB